The Joys of the Publishing World

The process of publishing Wright on Time: ARIZONA has been a fun and interesting journey — I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every single step along the way.  At the beginning of it, I calculated exactly how much time every single step would take. Based on my starting date (with the completed manuscript in hand), I estimated that the book would be published in early June 2009 even with a few delays.  It’s now August 2009 and the book was set to be printed today, but instead I received notification that it wasn’t going to happen today…

Everything is fine, but a few very minor tweaks are currently being made in order to make the printing even better.  The new estimate is that it’ll be ready to print next week.  Let’s hope this is true!

Thanks for your patience!  Based on my new more accurate time line, Wright on Time: UTAH, Book 2 should print in October 2009!

Final Cover Art for Wright on Time: ARIZONA, Book 1

Check out the final cover art by Tanja Bauerle (ISBN and bar code to be added when printed):

Wright on Time: ARIZONA, Book 1 Final Cover Art Full Cover

Definitive date for the release of the book isn’t set yet, but should be late July 2009.  Check back often for more details, or sign up for the newsletter so that you are the first to know all Wright on Time Books details!