Wright on Time: Utah LAPBOOK

A Journey Through Learning has done it again! They’ve made a super awesome lapbook for Wright on Time: Utah.

Click here to buy the Wright on Time: Utah lapbook.

Click here to buy the chapter book.

Click here to contact me to let me know that you wish you could buy both in one easy purchase. 🙂

Looking for great lapbooks? Look no further than A Journey Through Learning! They have an amazing assortment. They travel across the nation demonstrating how lapbooks are made and how much fun they are. Plus, they are going to be at multiple homeschooling curriculum conferences later this year. Be sure to contact them if you have any questions about lapbooks!

Wright on Time Lapbooks!

A Journey Through Learning has made a fun, interactive, lapbook kit for Wright on Time: Arizona, Book 1.

The kit can be purchased on paper, CD, downloadable version, or already assembled. Quite the options!

If your kids like lapbooks, be sure to check out A Journey Through Learning’s website. They have lots and lots of lapbooks available!

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