Wright on Time: Collection One, Books 1-4 is now an AUDIOBOOK!

I’m doing a bit of a dance here today, because Do Life Right, Inc. now has five books turned into audiobooks!

Wright on Time: Collection One, Books 1-4 is available as an audiobook on Audible, Amazon (as an audiobook), and iTunes! Read by Darlene Allen.

Happy Birthday, Aidan!

Happy April Fool’s Day, and Happy Birthday to Aidan Wright, the Wright family’s youngest!

Aidan, very appropriately, was born on April Fool’s Day. Since he’s always been a jokester, his family has found this birthday quite appropriate.

In celebration of the holiday, here are a few of Aidan’s favorite knock-knock jokes:

Knock, Knock

Who’s there?

Interrupting Cow

Interrupting Co-?


Knock, Knock

Who’s there?


Harrison, who?

Har-is-another present

Knock, Knock

Who’s there?


Stephanie who?

Steph-anantly a good day for a birthday!

Knock, Knock

Who’s there?


Lettuce, who?

Lettuce tell Prince Pumpkin the Third about our day!

Knock, Knock

Who’s there?


Aidan, who?

Ay-didn’t ya get my birthday present?

Knock, Knock

Who’s there?


Nadia who?

Na-dia know who’s birthday it is now?

Knock, Knock

Who’s there?


Turtle who?

Turtle-loo, see you later!

Calling All Children and YA Fiction Writers!

Let’s fill the void in homeschooling literature of today!

Do Life Right, Inc., the publisher for the Wright on Time books is accepting submissions for children and young adult (YA) book manuscripts. If you have a manuscript which fits the guidelines, we’d love to see it!

Fun new review!

I love reading reviews about the Wright on Time books. Currently there are about 200 total reviews (of which about 60 aren’t on that page yet)! Wow!

Here is the latest one, a fun review about the first three books in the series:

Creekside Learning‘s review of the first three Wright on Time books

I send out several copies a month for review. If your site or blog gets at least 500 unique visitors per month, contact me about a review copy and/or a contest giveaway copy.

Wright on Time: South Dakota, Book 4

Here is a sneak peek of the cover of the upcoming Wright on Time: South Dakota, Book 4.

Wright on Time books, South Dakota by Lisa Cottrell-Bentley