Living Joyfully!

One of my favorite resources for information about parenting and unschooling is Pam Laricchia on her Living Joyfully website, so imagine my extreme pleasure to see that Pam, herself, wrote a really fun review of the Wright on Time book series in her March 2013 Living Joyfully monthly newsletter!

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Fun new review!

I love reading reviews about the Wright on Time books. Currently there are about 200 total reviews (of which about 60 aren’t on that page yet)! Wow!

Here is the latest one, a fun review about the first three books in the series:

Creekside Learning‘s review of the first three Wright on Time books

I send out several copies a month for review. If your site or blog gets at least 500 unique visitors per month, contact me about a review copy and/or a contest giveaway copy.

Mankato Homeschooling Examiner reviews Wright on Time: Utah

Click here to read Alicia Bayer’s March 20, 2010 review of Wright on Time: Utah on the Mankato Homeschooling Examiner.

She also talks about the books a bit on her fun Magic and Mayhem blog.

Best HomeSchool Place reviews Wright on Time: Utah

Click here to read Christine’s February 12, 2010 review of Wright on Time: Utah, Book 2 on Best HomeSchool Place.

Arizona Daily Star review Wright on Time: Arizona

Click here to read the February 7, 2010 review of Wright on Time: Arizona in the Arizona Daily Star newspaper. The review is about half way down the page.