Kitt Peak, Arizona

Happy New Year! I’ll be posting most of my Arizona journal entries over the next several weeks, all in mostly random order, ’cause you know, random is one of my favorite words:

Today we went to the Kitt Peak observatory!

First we had to drive up Kitt Peak to get to the observatory. I could see little white domes from a while away. The observatory is named for the mountain, and I like that but it could get a bit confusing. Inside the gift shop there were Tohono O’odham baskets with very pretty designs. The observatory is actually on Tohono O’odham land.

There are 26 different telescopes being used at Kitt Peak. The largest here, the Mayall telescope, is 4 meters across! It’s one of the largest optical telescopes in the world! Kitt Peak also has the world’s largest solar telescope! I didn’t know there were so many of the largest telescopes in the world here. Aidan says that it’s freaky cool! I agree. Maybe sometime when we are back in Arizona and Aidan is old enough we can do one of the nighttime programs. I had fun at Kitt Peak and I think it would be fun to go to another observatory sometime.

Here are a couple of interesting links that show more about it.

About my blog

Hi, this is me, Nadia from the Wright on Time books. I’m currently 12, but these past posts were written when I was 11.

Most of these blog posts aren’t written in real time.  I’m typing them in from my paper journal as I have time.  That’s why the dates definitely don’t match up with the time frame.

I can’t tell you where we are right now, or I’d spoil the surprises.  What I will do, though, is write these blog posts in order of our traveling adventure.  We started in Arizona and I’ll be talking about the things we did and the things I wish we would have done while we were there.

Bye for now!

Benson, Arizona

We’re in Benson! Today we took a tour of the throne room in Kartchner Caverns. It had lots of freaky cool speleothems like soda straws, cave bacon, curly fries, and cave popcorn. Aidan says that sounds like we went to a restaurant. We didn’t go to the big room, but it has turnip shields and a strawberry room. That’s a lot of cave food! Apparently the throne room has one of the world’s largest soda straw stalactites (21 feet 2 inches). The coolest thing in the whole cave is Kubla Khan (58 feet), the tallest column in Arizona!

It was a lot different going to such a large cave compared to the smaller salted cave we mined in south of here.  It was fun going on a tour with lots of people.  I even earned a really cool Girl Scout badge!

Here are some links for more information about this cool cave in Benson, AZ:

Here is a really fun Cave Formation Find-a-Word that Aidan and I enjoyed doing:

Let me know if you’ve found any other caves in Arizona that you’ve been to.  Please comment below and add links. My Mom makes comments get approved before they show up, but they will!

Welcome to Nadia’s blog!

My own blog!  I’m so excited!

I plan to write here about my family’s trip as we travel around the whole country in our brand new RV.  I’ll be mentioning places that we’ve gone to, as well as places that we are hoping to go to.  If you have any recommendations for things we can do in your state, please tell me!  We won’t be able to do everything since we’re only going to be in each state for a month, but we’ll still have time to see and do a lot.