Free Wright on Time Coloring Pages!

Tanja Bauerle, one of the most amazing illustrators in the world, has created super cool coloring pages for the Wright on Time: Arizona, Book 1. Until now, they’ve only been available at my book signings and other in-person events.

Feel free to print as many as your children or students would like! To find again (and print full sized), click on Coloring Pages in the top bar of this website. Enjoy these!


They are HERE: Flat Aidan and Flat Nadia

Just in time to take to Grandma’s house this weekend: Flat Aidan and Flat Nadia are here!


Who and what are Flat Aidan and Flat Nadia?  They are cut out paper dolls similar to Flat Stanley.

Get out your cardstock (plain paper would work fine, too, but it wouldn’t be as thick) and print your Flat Aidan and Flat Nadia.  Color one, or both, cut them out, and take them with you on all your own adventures.  Then! Send me a photograph (to flat at wright on time books dot com) of your Flat Aidan and/or Flat Nadia exploring the world with you.  Please give me your child’s first name, age, and the location of where the photograph was taken.  I’m hoping to see Flat Aidan and Flat Nadia in all 50 states and many additional countries during 2010.  I’ll post the photos on this site for all to see, so only send me ones you would like posted! Let’s see how far Flat Aidan and Flat Nadia can travel!

Flat Aidan and Flat Nadia are illustrated by Tanja Bauerle.