Have a tree planted with purchase of Wright on Time: Wyoming, Book 3

With only weeks until the release of Wright on Time: Wyoming, Book 3, we’re getting really excited!

We find Aidan and Nadia discovering several different alternative energies in this fun and action packed green book. In celebration of this, for all pre-orders made in June and July, and orders in August, we’ll be having a tree planted! That’s right, a tree! Order soon to get in on this special offer.

Wright on Time Kaleidocycles

Heard of kaleidocycles? They are fun paper games. You pick four unique photographs, illustrations, or other images and the super awesome Kaleidocycle website turns it into a fun, printable paper toy.

Here are two that I specially made for the Wright on Time books (each image shows a different side to them).

Want your own? Click on the images below to make them full size (and print them full size). Be sure to print them on heavy cardstock and follow the directions closely. They appear to be time consuming, but once you have the hang of it, you’ll have you kaleidocycles put together in minutes.