Xianne from Iowa, age 6.5, is the first to send in a photograph of herself with Flat Aidan and Flat Nadia. Thanks to her Grandpa for sending it! 🙂

Xianne with Flat Aidan and Flat Nadia in Iowa, December 2009

Flat Aidan and Flat Nadia spend some Wintertime in Iowa

Get your Flat Aidan and Flat Nadia to color here. Then, send your photograph to: flat at wright on time books dot com! By sending photos, you are giving full permission to Wright on Time Books to post any or all here on this website and all affiliated websites (including, but not limited to Facebook and Twitter). Please include the first names of the kid(s) in the photographs, their ages, and the location of where the photograph was taken! No last names will be listed. Xianne’s flat paper dolls were printed on regular paper, colored, glued to cardboard, cut out, and then popsicle sticks were attached.  Cardstock also works nicely, although you might consider laminating yours if they are going to spend much time in rain or snow. 🙂 Of course, you can always print more.

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