Are you part of an RV family or are you making plans to be?  If so, I would love to spotlight you and your family on this website!  I’ve compiled a list of 20 questions that my readers are the most interested in knowing the answers to.  Feel free to answer any or all of the following in as much or as little detail as you would like.

Don’t like the questions, but still want to tell about your family? That’s fine, too!  Just contact me with what you would like to talk about and I’m sure to be able to accommodate you if you are an RV family (or bicycle family, backpacking family, boating family, etc.) or have information that RV families would be interested in.  My goal is to spotlight one family per week indefinitely!  🙂

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Here are my “20 Questions for RV Families”:

(1) Tell me a bit about your family. [Please enclose a family photo if you desire.]

(2) How long has your family (or did your family) live in an RV?

(3) What states/countries has your family traveled to?

(4) Are you homeschoolers? Do you call yourselves roadschoolers? What type of homeschoolers are you (or do you prefer to not give your family a label)?

(5) How well does homeschooling work while living on the road? How do you get new resources (DVDs, books, audio books, etc.)? Are you able to use local libraries, or do you have to buy everything?

(6) Do you have a “home base”? This is especially important for legal homeschooling, isn’t it? Did you sell all of your possessions, or keep things in storage?

(7) What resources did you use both before you began your adventure and/or while you were on the road?  Any particular books or websites that you couldn’t have lived without?

(8) How hard is it to deal with the maintenance of the RV?  What are the most difficult aspects?  Who handles what?

(9) How large is your RV? What is it like? We want to know where everything goes and where everyone sleeps. In an ideal world, would you have wanted a bigger RV, smaller RV, or something the same size but with a different configuration?

(10) How often do you move to a new location? Do gas prices and campground costs affect this? Where do you usually stay the night? Do you have a regular route that you repeat, or do you continually seek out new places to visit?

(11) Who does the driving? Do you ever have issues driving such a large vehicle?  Do you avoid cities or curvy/narrow roads up mountains, or do you take them in stride?

(12) How long have you been on the road/plan to be on the road?  Has this worked out to your liking?

(13) How do you handle privacy issues while living in close quarters?

(14) How do you keep in touch with friends and family?  Do you visit them?  Do they visit you?  Phone, e-mail, etc.? What about holidays and birthdays?

(15) Does anyone ever get homesick for your old life? How do you deal with that?

(16) How do you pay for your living expenses? How do you make money while on the road?  Do you work full-time/part-time?  Do you work certain times of the year and travel other times?  Have any of your children had paying jobs?

(17) Do you have a towed vehicle? Bicycles? Mopeds? Etc.?

(18) Do you have any pets that travel with your family? How do they like living on the road?

(19) Where is the best place you’ve been according to each member of your family?

(20) How can we find out more about you and your family? Website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter, etc.?  Please tell us also what the next great adventure for your family is!

Thank you very much!  Feel free to add details that I haven’t asked about!

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