Tattoo Me (at least temporarily)

Wright on Time Books temporary tattoo on handWright on Time Books temporary tattoo on arm

The temporary tattoos are in! If you see me at a book signing, around town, or if you place your order for Wright on Time: ARIZONA, Book 1 here on this site (I’ll be taking preorders within the week), I’ll happily give you a temporary tattoo or two.  My kids and I have been having so much fun with these cute little turtle tattoos!

Benson, Arizona

We’re in Benson! Today we took a tour of the throne room in Kartchner Caverns. It had lots of freaky cool speleothems like soda straws, cave bacon, curly fries, and cave popcorn. Aidan says that sounds like we went to a restaurant. We didn’t go to the big room, but it has turnip shields and a strawberry room. That’s a lot of cave food! Apparently the throne room has one of the world’s largest soda straw stalactites (21 feet 2 inches). The coolest thing in the whole cave is Kubla Khan (58 feet), the tallest column in Arizona!

It was a lot different going to such a large cave compared to the smaller salted cave we mined in south of here.  It was fun going on a tour with lots of people.  I even earned a really cool Girl Scout badge!

Here are some links for more information about this cool cave in Benson, AZ:

Here is a really fun Cave Formation Find-a-Word that Aidan and I enjoyed doing:

Let me know if you’ve found any other caves in Arizona that you’ve been to.  Please comment below and add links. My Mom makes comments get approved before they show up, but they will!

Reviews are IN!

The first set of reviews from homeschooling experts are here for Wright on Time: ARIZONA, Book 1.

Wright on Time: ARIZONA is an exciting adventure from beginning to end. Through travel and exploration of their world, the Wright Family live a life of freedom on the road and are passionate about learning in all that they do. I love how this book approaches homeschooling as a common, valid option. The love, respect and connection that the family shares is deeply touching as they support one another throughout their expedition.
– Dayna Martin, Author of Radical Unschooling – A Revolution Has Begun

At last! A beautifully written series of chapter books about a homeschooling family traveling together. The respectful communication and love in the Wright family while on a fun mystery trip around the US will echo what young readers and caring parents really know is true; Families can be fun! My 10 year old loved it and is ready for the next one!
– Rain Fordyce, Authentic Life Coach and Author of I Am Learning All the Time

What a great joy it was to accompany the Wright family on their first adventure in the caves of Arizona. I was both on the edge of my seat at home ~deeply interested and often in suspense~ and right there in Arizona with them, as they joyfully excavated their gems, minerals and their own passions. With this delightful book, Lisa has created a family that is interesting to the reader because they are interested in the world. She has created a family that is a pleasure to be around because they are respectful to one another and of each other’s individuality. I think that Wright on Time: ARIZONA is a beautiful example of how real learning is for everyone of every age…and how it can be found right there in the joyful living.
– Anne Ohman, Mother of two always unschooled teenage boys, Founder/Owner of the Shine with Unschooling on-line community, Creator & Director of a respectful and celebratory parent/child library program, Inspirational Conference Speaker and Published Writer, currently completing two books-in-progress.

What a great book to get the whole family excited about adventuring together. This engaging story has me looking forward to planning a spelunking trip of my own and sharing it with my family.
– Barb Lundgren, Founder of the Rethinking Education/Rethinking Everything yearly conference

Please add your own reviews in the comments below.  Don’t forget to post your reviews on, too, as soon as the book is for sale there!

What are the Wright on Time books all about?

Announcing Book #1 in the first series about a homeschooling family. The Wrights travel the USA in an RV. Each month brings them to a new state with a new educational theme to explore and play with. They prove that learning can happen all the time, anywhere, and that being with family is fun!

Meet Aidan, age 7: Boisterous and joking all the time, this sporty boy knows how to have fun! Meet Nadia, age 11: Curious and fiery, this intellectual girl can always find out answers to even the most difficult questions. Meet their parents: Harrison, a writer and linguist expert, and Stephanie, a telecommuting computer expert; ready to adventure with their children. Meet Prince Pumpkin III, turtle extraordinaire: This 50 year old little guy is holding on tight, as the family RV and a mysterious device take him on an adventure no turtle has ever gone on before.

Explore an Arizona desert cave with the Wrights as they begin their trip in Wright on Time: ARIZONA, Book 1, coming out in late July 2009. What will Aidan and Nadia discover? This series is right on time for kids looking to explore the USA!

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Final Cover Art for Wright on Time: ARIZONA, Book 1

Check out the final cover art by Tanja Bauerle (ISBN and bar code to be added when printed):

Wright on Time: ARIZONA, Book 1 Final Cover Art Full Cover

Definitive date for the release of the book isn’t set yet, but should be late July 2009.  Check back often for more details, or sign up for the newsletter so that you are the first to know all Wright on Time Books details!